Friday, January 23, 2009

How to trace an E-mail??

Well many of you guys might be even knowing that how to do this. 

But, for rest of you guys, who might not be knowing how to trace an e-mail , let me tell you that it isnt that tough or say geeky in any way. Just download a software, emailtracker pro, ( I found this one you might find another useful one too).  Now, one needs to feed the header of the mail , which one needs to trace, into this and voila! it would pop up with a world map and pin pointing the exact location from where the mail came.

Going, into the theory, it works something like this, whenever someone sends you a mail, his/her IP address is recorded into it, and if that mail has been sent through a some other server then the IP address of the sender and the server is recorded in that header.
And these softwares find out the location based on the IP adress of the sender.
Well yeah!! it means that if you know the IP address of a person you can pin point the location of that person. Actually one can do a bit more than that, you can trace the whole path your data packets are travelling while reaching their destination, not in terms of IP adresses but also in terms of physical location of the servers, and great spftwares like this one can show you the path on World Map, Cool eh!!

So, what are you waitin for, start hackin...!!