Sunday, December 28, 2008

Death Race on XO

Today, when I was browsing through olpc news, I read about an article on porting mplayer to XO. 

Well for the people who are not quite familiar with OLPC or XO. A short intro, OLPC stands for "One Laptop Per Child", it's an organisation which is developing a laptop and related content for children. And their aim is to make this laptop available to each and every child, as the name stands. For more info one can go here.

Well now coming back to the point, yeah mplayer. It rocks.. man..

The first movie that i watched on it was Death Race. And I must say that both the things(XO as well as the movie)  complimented each other. Awesome movie and an awesome experience watching it on XO....

If anyone wants to do the same here is the link...


timeline said...

i found you online..

you sure are building an amazing profile for a serious gamer..
keep it up!!

you know who?

and your post on miranda house was cool. though you might not have missed too much.

the paper presentations are best left to people who like doing these. just the way game development should be left to people who are serious about it - like you..

Unknown said...


That was encouraging...
but, timeline I woyuld like to know a little bit more abt u...!!

Harry Jerry said...

Death Race was a cool movie!