Monday, October 5, 2009

Thinking Nothing

Finally, I have got out of my place and breaking the sad daily schedule of college-home-college after a long time. And probably this would be my first experience of writing a blog on a train.

Sadly, Rupi and Rohil have sat on a separate two seater and are chatting there ass off like a happily married couple, and I have got bored after listening to radio, playing games on my cell phone and probably looking out of the window too.And also I am sitting with this fat guy who is busy looking out, sleeping and talking on his phone.

So, finally I thought why not lets write a blogpost, and here I am back to torcher people with my thoughts. Well coming to thoughts, I have been lately thinking that how can one "think nothing". Well first of all according to me thinking nothing means, to reach a state of mind in which there are no computations going on. Probably this is very difficult stage to reach for any brain.

The first time I practiced thinking nothing ,I ended up thinking a lot about how to think nothing, which led me to think about a lot of things. So, effectively in a quest to think nothing, which could have been considered partially successful if I would have decreased the number of computations going on in my brain, I ended up increasing the number of computations in my brain. So, this can be considered as a total disaster.

The learning which I learnt from the above exercise was that one can never think nothing, by thinking that he will think nothing. So, the immediate consequence which comes to the mind is that probably one can think nothing, if he forgets about thinking nothing and lives his normal life and wait for such a moment to come when he is thinking nothing. But sadly there is a bug with this scheme too. Firstly, this state of thinking nothing is too unlikely to happen. Secondly, even if we suppose that this scenario occurs and your mind goes into a state in which it is thinking nothing, there would be no way in which it can register an event somewhere so that it can recall that at some time it was thinking nothing. Neither you would be able to know that you are thinking nothing because to come to know about this state of your mind you would be required to think, but you are thinking nothing. Thirdly, one also can't take help from a friend to record the instance when you would be thinking nothing, as he can never know that whether you are thinking something or not.

So probably this bring us to a point where we can safely assume that you can never "think nothing".

Any comments about your theories and experiments of thinking nothing are most welcome.


Unknown said...

You are right. We cannot think nothing.

If I ask you to not to think of a big white elephant... will you be able to do so? No. Right.

So what meditation and other thinking nothing experts will tell you is to focus on one single thing.. a black dot, your respiration etc. The best way to think nothing is to get so engorssed in your work that you are only thinking about it.. That way you are thinking nothing

Unknown said...

But still then you would be thinking about the work itself... And thus you would be thinking something.

Unknown said...

Yes, of course... I never denied that.

Arre soch if you are thinking nothing then you are dead

Sid said...

Kyu Dimaag kharaab karta hai

Vijit Singh said...

Moral of the story is: Never sit next to a fat sleepy guy while travelling in a train, he can make you think crazily.... lolz....:)

Unknown said...

Well then, I believe that one can think nothing only when he is dead...