Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whats the theory behind it??

Okay, this one is totally philosophical, those not interested can leave at any time.

Well it has been quite some time and I have been thinking about a lot of things. The most time consuming being "What next??" or say "What do I want ultimately from my life?". The biggest problem being the hunger for more, there is always a feeling of trying to get more out of my life, trying to get more out of my time. Okay this is not just about more money or more marks!! or more friends??,but maybe more achievements or maybe more knowledge. Sometimes, it is about making more sense out of my life. But, all that i think would make more sense out of my life, before doing them, end up hardly making any difference once I am done with them.

Now, for quite some time, I used to believe that materialistic things are things like Money, objects, and similar things. But now I think hey even achievements are also like materialistic only, you achieve achievements to gain something, maybe success, or popularity or maybe even money, but yeah doesn't it sounds like materialistic after all.

There was this guy who was mentoring me sometime back,(no it isnt deepank, this time) he used to say that his theory of life is like a circle, you get one aim then you complete it and get another aim and then you complete it and it goes on and on and on, and eventually you end up dying one day. And yeah then he added external factors like failure of an aim, gaining knowledge in every loop and so on. Well I liked his idea at that time, but now its like , c'mon life cudn't be that dumb. I guess life should be something like building a house, you collect all the raw materials for making it , then you learn all the skills for making it, then comes all actual building of the house, and after some time you feel like okay I have worked enough on it, its time to live inside it and enjoy the ambiance, though you still maintain it and upgrade it occasionally. And then yeah one fine day, you feel like okay now I am feeling bored lets die.

Well this one sounds more meaningful and more interesting, but still keeping this in mind in real life is quite difficult. The big issue is that I want to make multiple houses, bloody I want to be great at many things. As in I guess its high time I should make myself realize that I can't be great at many things or even great at anything, as in there are good enough chances for that too, and that might be the case even (You who is reading this post right now maybe knowing better). And I guess there are many more things, this is just one, as in there should be something much more meaningful towards life, I don't know what, probably I am too young for that, but yeah there should be.

Okay, this might make me sound like a nomad roaming in a desert looking for something (yeah I feel so sometimes), the worst part being he doesn't knows what is he looking for, but pretty sure about the thing that once he finds it he would be able to know that this is what he was looking for. God!! This post sounds crazy.

Well at the end I would say, any comments/help is welcomed.

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