Monday, June 27, 2011

Do we really need google search..?

I have been recently thinking about the number of times I have to use google search. Well it has been decreasing for sure. The reason being that there are other places where I can search for things and that too in a localized way.

If I have to search for books I search on flipkart, if I have to search for movie shows, I search bookmyshow, If I have to search for food outlets, I use zomato, isohunt for torrents, wikipedia for knowledge based articles.

It seems that google search has lost relevance to a certain extent today. I guess it is because it generally redirects one to places where u can search for things instead of searching things for you.

Any thoughts..? Anyone else also feels like their google searches have reduced..?


Pooja G. said...

Agreed... even firefox adds to it, just the type the site's name and what you want to search and thats it..!!!

Unknown said...

Well its not like i have totally stopped using google but yeah its use has definitely decreased, one can also say that maybe google needs to seek some ways to improve the way ppl can search thru it.

Tarun Sapra said...

how can i search paintings without using google ?

Sudo User said...

I think you missed Stackoverflow. For 90% of programming problems, google throws as many as 3 to 5 stackoverflow links. And for videos, it makes no sense to google it. It always gives youtube (sometimes vimeo).